This may be a strange topic to be talking about on a web site for

 Aussies, but our daughter Chelsea is recovering from an almost

 four year battle with anorexia and she is only 15 years old.

 Chelsea completed treatment at Mercy Ministries in Nashville

 TN. It is her desire as well as ours to tell her story from Her

 perspective and ours. It is our desire to show that there is hope

 for recovery, even when it feels like there is no hope! Our story

 is only one of thousands, but we are compeled to help whomever

 we can. Please check out our site. If you need help, the

 In Patient care links are functioning and ready for use. We pray

 that God will bless you and all who enter this Web Page!

 God Bless,

 Lorri              Anorexia, Chelsea's Story


These are pictures of Chelsea in Honduras doing 

Mission work. The children in the pic with her are

Oscar Rene' Cruz (our sweet boy) and Roxanna.

These are the children who are sponsored by our

family and my sisters family. It is soooo good to

see Chelsea happy again!

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